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Wide Area Trunking Solutions

Whisler Communications offers a wide area solution with reasonable monthly prices for private two-way trunking on our systems. Please note that our coverage expands regularly; if you are interested in coverage in a particular area, please contact us. Keep in mind that this map is an approximation of coverage and does not guarantee uniformity of coverage. This is the case for any coverage map and is due to the reality of communications technology.

The FleetNet™ Digital radio network offers its subscribers access to the largest private digital radio network in the United States. Service supports users throughout Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Idaho. All subscriptions include unlimited talk between fleets.


FleetNet™ was built specifically for the demands of those working in fast-paced, highly mobile settings that require instant, turnkey communications access for fleets that need mobile communication and dispatching capabilities while offering a wide range of custom uses and configurations.