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Motorola Radios

Motorola 2 Way Radios

With almost a hundred years in the business Motorola has been a communications leader with a wide range of products from car radios to the first communications from the moon. Motorola has been around a long time and will continue to do so into the future. The following models do not constitute the full line that Motorola sells, please call 360-352-8777 to request a quote through our full line of Motorola Products including Repeaters and Accessories.

Motorola XPR Series

XPR Series (3300/3500 portable and 2500 mobile)

The Next Gen Radio

Ideal for organizations with robust communication requirements, the XPR series mobile radio provides simple yet effective communication.

BPR 40

Mag One by Motorola is a new two-way radio portfolio, at an incredible value and price that will be attractive to a whole range of new customers. The Mag One by Motorola BPR 40 two-way radio offers a new choice of affordable communication with a complete assortment of accessories for radio customization. So when you select the BPR40, you will experience reliable, easy to use two-way radio at a great value.

BPR 40 InformationBPR 40 AccesoriesBPR 40 Specifications

DTR550 / DTR650

Simple Digital Private 2-way

What would two-way radios have to provide to be perfect for on-site operation? Perhaps the ability to call specific groups of radios – or even a single unit. Or coverage extended by 40% or up to 45% longer operation on a single charge. Or flexible programming options, now enhanced by new customer programming software (CPS). Remarkably, you’ll have all that productivity-enhancing capability and more in the DTR550 and DTR650.

DTR550 / DTR650 InformationDTR550 / DTR650 Specifications


Easy to use and cost-efficient

For businesses with expanding communications needs, the multi-channel CP100 radio offers a number of valuable extra features, yet is still a very economical choice. In addition to all the features provied by the single channel CP100, the multi-channel model operates on 14 more channels, reducing interference and minimizing user downtime spent waiting for an open channel. Selectable scanning allows users to choose certain channels for the radio to monitor. The enhanced VOX feature allows hands-free operation of the radio without the use of an accessory.

CP100 InformationCP100 Specifications


Enhanced functionality, reliable communication

Easy, discreet and prompt communication with your workforce is vital to improving response time, strengthening employee efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. Motorola’s two-way radios provide a durable, high-quality voice communication solution that helps your business increase productivity and provide excellent customer service. Ideal for educational institutions, retail and hospitality businesses, service and manufacturing industries.

CP185 InformationCP185 Specifications


High Performance at a Competitive Price

Radius CP200 portable two-way radio delivers the quality features you want at a competitive price. The lightweight, ergonomic design makes these radios comfortable to carry and operate, even while wearing gloves. Programmable option buttons make it easy for you to customize your radio with a choice of features. And a range of battery choices along with rapid recharging capabilities help ensure your radio will be ready when you are.

CP200 InformationCP200 AccesoriesCP200 Specifications


Portable Two-Way Radios with LTR Trunking

Built in versatility that is ideal for Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Utilities. The PR400 is perfect for new two-way radio users, small organizations and firms that want an affortable solution with a maximum number of features and Motorola’s renown quality.

PR400 InformationPR400 Specifications


Portable Professional Series Radio

Built-in versatility that is ideal for Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Utilities. The PR400 is perfect for new two-way radio users, small organizations and firms that want an affordable solution with a maximum number of features and Motorola’s renowned quality.

HT750 InformationHT750 Specifications


The Versatile Radio

The HT1250 portable radio is an essential tool for growing organizations because of its unique versatility. The radio offers a full menu of advanced signaling features, including paging or calling selective radios or groups. Users can store information such as phone numbers, call lists and radio IDs for easy access. Audio clarity is superb, even in noisy surroundings and the large LCD display is helpful in large communication networks and critical situations.

HT1250 InformationHT1250 Specifications

HT1550 XLS

The Exceptional Radio

Users who require the highest levels of functionality will find this exceptional, Professional Series radio to be an invaluable tool. The HT1550 XLS portable offers a wide range of advanced features to handle even the most challenging and diverse communications needs. Dual mode operation capability allows users to switch between LTR trunking and conventional modes at the touch of a button and makes migration easy for growing businesses.

HT1550 XLS InformationHT1550 XLS Specifications


Versatile mobiles ideal for all businesses

These versatile mobiles are ideal for Agriculture, Transportation, Retail, Limousine and Hospitality businesses. They come with a variety of signaling features as well as programmable features found on mobile radios twice the price.

CM200/CM300 InformationCM200/CM300 Specifications


Mobile Two-Way with Trunking

The PM400 offers the most features and channels of any Motorola mobile in their Commercial Series and can be mounted in just about any vehicle. It also serves as an ideal desktop base station in the office or on the factory floor.

PM400 InformationPM400 Specifications


A Practical Radio That Gets the Job Done

Ideal for organizations with moderate communication requirements, the CDM750 mobile radio provides simple yet effective communication.

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