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Peltor offers a range of safety headset products, listed below are some of the most popular. Whisler Communications offers the entire range of Peltor products, for more information please call 360-352-8777 and speak to a friendly sales consultant.

Twin Cup Headset-Headband


  • Noise Attenuating Headset
  • Dynamic 220 ohm noise canceling boom microphone
  • Earphones 2x220 ohms wired parallel (110)
  • NRR 27 dB
  • Requires in-line PTT cable
  • Models Include: Hard Hat Mount, Neckband Headset, Headband Model, Neckband Model, Hardhat cip-in Model


Bluetooth Headset, Headband model NRR 25 dB


  • Noise Canceling Boom Microphone
  • Requires bluetooth adapter specific to radio manufacturer
  • Headset transmits/recieves wirelessly up to 50 feet away from adaptor
  • Push-to-talk button located on back left earcup

Bluetooth Wireless Headset Brochure



Ground Mechanic Headset, Hi-Viz Cups, NRR 25 dB

MT7H79-01 GB

  • Noise Canceling Micrphone
  • 2'curly download cable
  • folding headband
  • Requires belt station Push-to-talk (PTT) extension cord


Ground Mechanic Heaset - Belt Station PTT series

Service Intercom Headset



  • NRR 24dB
  • Built in Amplifier
  • Also Comes as a Helmet Mount

Service Intercom-hardwired/portable Info

Digital Migration

The Digital Age Is Here and Whisler Communications Has You Covered


  • Dynamic 220 ohm noise cancelling boom microphone
  • Earphones 220 ohms
  • Requires in-line PTT cable

Peltor's MT Series 2-way communications headsets brochure