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AdvanceTec Offers a wide variety of Products that include conditioning chargers listed below. For more information on AdvanceTec products please call Whisler Communications at 360-352-8777 to speak to a sales consultant.

Advancetec Conditioning Chargers (4 and 1 slot)

The AdvanceTec Conditioning/Charger offers the following benefits:

-Determining shorted or faulty cells instantly

-Safely rapid charge NiCad & NiMH batteries.

-Eliminate  gas bubble buid-up which leads to "memory effect"

-Provides accurate charge termination thereby eliminating the risk of overcharging and  overheating of the battery

- Can safely leave the battery on the charger for extended periods of time without the risk of overchaging.

- Conditioning and charging in a single process, so can safely top off the battery charge at any time achieving maximum extended battery life.

Analyzer/Conditioning Chargers (4 and 1 slot)

The Analyzer/Conditioning Charger with LED Display offers the following benefits:

- Offers all the benefits of our Conditioning Charger, plus a Pulse Analyzer function.

- Capacity of the battery will be displayed clearly on the unit’s digital readout with the press of a button.

- Switches to maintenance mode after charging, ensuring your battery remains in peak condition for as long as it remains on the charger.

- No need to worry about overcharging your battery upon completion of the charge sequence.
- No Software programming required.


The Charger with Software Driven Monitoring System (SDMS) offers the following:

- Displays in "real time" the process of Conditioning and/or Analyzing the capacity of the battery in mAh, showing status as, Soft charge, Full charge, Topping charge and maintenance charge.

- Indicates battery voltage, charge voltage, capacity check and phase time with the highest degree of accuracy.

- Provides a graph that charts the itemized process for each testing station.

- Allows to select the number of cycles in the capacity check phase, up to three times.

- Keeps a test log on any identified battery for hisdtory storage.